Free beach towel for every 2 items you buy 🎁 - Worldwide Shipping - Free shipping 48/72h


Drop’s time ?
2:30PM CET

Do you shipping outside Italy ?
Yes, we do Worldwide shipping

Shipping fees ?
EU: Free
Worldwide (outside EU): 20,00€

Shipping time?
48/72h: Free
24h: 10,00€

your package  will be shipped the next working day
after your order arrive to us

What’s inside the package I’ll recive ?
The items you bought, some fresh stickers,
a discount for next order
IF YOU BUY 2 OR MORE ITEMS: a Totebag or a Beach Towel
(write on notes your preference)

How it works if I need to change the size ?
We send a courier to pick up the wrong size
and we ship to you the new one
(free for 1° time for each order)

How it works if I need to return the item?
In this case you have to pay the shipping fees
to return the item to us

We can send you the return shipping label
and send a courier to pick up the package for you
(we’ll let you know the cost by your zip code)

You have 14days from when you get the item
to ask for a refund and return the item,
we’ll check before if is all okay,
then you’ll get the refund directly
to the payment mode used.

How it works if I want to return an item,
but I want to change it with something else ?
As for a changing size, shippings to pick up your item
and to ship the new one is free.

We can directly send you the new item
once the old one is arrived to us,
if there would be a difference of price,
you’ll get a GIFT CARD of the import’s difference.

Which payments do you accept ?

We accept all payments modes

For payment in 3 rates:

the option will appear directly at checkout
if you have activated it from your account
(you must have a bank account connected)

since affiliation has not yet been integrated,
you will have to paste the link of ourshop into the Klarna app
and generate a disposable card of the amount at checkout
(if you don't use Klarna often it won't let you do it, as it isn't yet our shop in the store list)

Feel free to ask us your questions via mail or DM us on IG
we are here to help you :)